Monday, 25 June 2012

8000 cupcakes

Hello Cake Fans, 

Back in April we received an e-mail from a marketing company with a rather interesting order. Their client, a very well know baking blog, wanted 8000 plain cupcakes for the Jubilee weekend to be given to children to decorate as part of the activities at the Jubilee Family Festival at Hyde Park.

It was the largest single order that we have had so far at Crumbs, and so it presented an exciting challenge. The client wanted us to use their own brand ingredients, and so a huge crate of these arrived a week before the order! Oh yes, we really did go "Baking Mad".

So what does it take to produce 8000 cupcakes? Take a look...

8000 cupcake cases
85 kg of flour
85 kg of caster sugar
180 kg of Icing Sugar
180kg of butter
1333 eggs
approx 1/2 gallon of Nielsen Massey Vanilla extract
8 pints of milk
320 cupcake boxes

Hours the oven was on: 32
Number of power cuts: 1
Number of cups of tea consumed by bakers/decorators: 48
Number of M&S Sandwiches consumed by bakers/decorators: 12
Playing in the kitchen: BBC Radio 5 Live with Jubilee Celebration updates.
Number of deliveries to Hyde Park: 3

Harpreet was helped in the kitchen by Nessa (@USAfoodieLondon on Twitter) and Shameema


  1. You're a cupcake making machine! How long did it take you to wash the icing sugar out of your hair? Massive well done x

  2. Thank you, Cake Doctor! I spent most of the Bank Hol Tuesday in bed, I was totally broken! Good fun, though! We would love for you to visit the kitchen! x