Thursday, 3 May 2012

"I've got 21 hundred to go...."

Hello Cake Lovers!

A little while ago, we received an order from the Financial Ombudsman herself for 2100 cupcakes. She wanted each of these to say "Thank you", as they were to be placed on the desk of each of the Financial Ombudsman Service's 2100 employees for them to find when they arrived at work! 

Producing this order was great fun, despite the 6am collection from the kitchen. Huge thanks to the wonderful Anne for all of her help with this one! 

In case the title of this post has taken you back to your uni days (and memories of UCL Cocktails), here is a terrible video for you to watch.

With love,

The Cupcaker x

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  1. They look lovely and I am sure they will be appreciated, wish my boss ordered cakes like these.