Thursday, 6 December 2012

"Must-Have" tools for every baker

I often get asked what I deem to be the essential items for every baker, whether you are a novice or an expert. 

One of my first purchases when I set up Crumbs Couture was a rubber-grip ice-cream scoop by OXO. I am a huge fan of these as they are a joy to use, ensuring that you have consistency and neatness when you are scooping your batter into your cupcake cases. The trigger scoop allows you to eject your batter with ease, and the rubber handle means that you will always have a great grip on your scoop. This is particularly important if you are scooping out a batch that may be very large, as a slippery scoop can get painful after a while!

OXO's measuring spoons are also rather nifty. The bright colours on them mean that you can easily pick out the one that you need, and these are fab for measuring baking powder/cocoa powder. They can easily be removed from the ring, so if there is one that you need to use, you can unclip it, meaning that you need not have the others hanging below it.

Another (newer) product that I am enamoured with is their hand held mixer. I use this for beating eggs prior to adding them to my large mixer, and the rubber grip really does make all of the difference here. If your hands are still damp once you have washed them after handling eggs, this does not hinder you if you are using this fab tool.

Thank you OXO!


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