Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Great Glitter Debate

Hi Cake-Lovers!

As many of  you will know, the FSA have recently issues guidelines on the use of glitter on cakes. 

Some glitters have always been deemed edible. Others have been deemed "non-toxic" but not suitable for consumption. This basically means that the product can come in contact with food, however it is not recommended that we actually eat it. What are we supposed to do? Admire our glittery cakes and then attempt to blow all of the glitter off before we actually eat it?!

Some craft shops have been keen to distance themselves from any potential issues and have simply taken all of the non-toxic glitters off their shelves. I cannot say I blame them at all. 

In the Crumbs Kitchen there is enough cakey madness going on without us having to produce decorations on our cakes which cannot be eaten! I cannot imagine the looks on our clients faces if we said "you see all of those gorgeous fondant roses? Well you can look at them but not actually eat them, unless you get every speck of glitter off". As a result, we have made our own edible glitter. YES, it is true, in fact it is actually quite easy to do. Take that, cake trolls who scold me after each glittery picture is posted on Twitter!

All you need to do is get hold of "Magic Sparkles" and crush these up very very finely ( a mini food processer helps here). What you will produce is a totally edible and luscious sparkle to sprinkle all over your goodies. 


The Cupcaker x

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