Thursday, 15 March 2012

"Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car!"

Hello Cake Fans!

If any of you can remember the song by Billy Ocean with the same title as this post, WELL DONE! You probably also have knees that have recently started aching when you attempt lots of steps.

Anyway, I digress.

As cake/cupcake suppliers, we are all very protective of our product. Rightly so, after all we have put in hours of work and care; those little things deserve to be treated with lots of TLC! Our products are our art. So when a client e-mails you and asks you to produce the cake of their dreams, and you hand it over to the courier, and in the process of trying to put it in their car, they tilt the box, how many of you die a bit inside?! This has happened to me, and I felt like hitting the guy and saying "Hey! I am still right here! If that is what you're doing to my cake box in front of me, what will you do once you've left?!"

Thank God, I have never once had a complaint as yet about a cake arriving damaged. Having said this, I was growing a bit uncomfortable using a company that was sending any minicab driver who was free.

I then came across a Company called Green Mile Couriers who often do work for cake companies (hurray!) and also deliver using socially responsible travel methods (yahoo!). I got in touch with the lovely Tom, who gave me a series of great quotes. I booked my first order in with them yesterday, and to my surprise and delight, TOM HIMSELF came to the kitchen to collect the order and meet me. Now isn't that nice?

As much as I wanted to keep Green Mile as my little secret, meaning that they are always free to do my deliveries (cue evil laugh) I also felt that they should be shouted about from the rooftops, particularly after the hopeless service I have had in the past with other so called "green couriers". So cake people of London, if you need someone to deliver your cakes in a reliable and trustworthy way, get in touch with Tom at Green Mile Couriers!

The Cupcaker x

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