Friday, 30 December 2011

There is only one Wedding List.

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I hope you have all had a fab festive period.

Many people get engaged at this time of year, and although it may not be your first concern, the place where you register your wedding list is a very important decision for most couples. There are many options out there, such as registering for people to contribute towards your honeymoon, registering for contributions towards a large item such as a flatscreen TV or a car.

More couples than ever are choosing to live together for a significant time before they tie the knot, meaning that they may well have a fully-stocked home when it comes to gadgets, homewares and decorations. So how do you help out your guests with the dilemma of what to give you if you feel uncomfortable receiving cash?

When I got married, I was keen to register at a store, however as is common with Indian Brides, my parents would be giving me everything I needed for my "new life"; therefore 6 months before our wedding, my mother had already bought me a trio of suitcases which she filled with 3 bed linen sets and 36 towels in 8 sizes (do not ask) as well as boxes full of crockery sets, pans, utensils, appliances and tableware. My husband and I did not need a thing for our new flat..... So we decided to treat ourselves and register at Harrods (

Harrods Weddings and Occasions Services have a fantastic option for the couples who would like to register somewhere but would also like flexibility in what they buy. You can go in store and wander around the beautiful crockery, crystal, silver and decorative living departments, drawing up a list of items for your guests to peruse which will be typed up and can be e-mailed to any guests who request it. When a guest purchases items for you, rather than having the item sent out to you or held for you in a depot, the value of the item actually goes on to an account which is set up in the couple's name. If you wish, when an item is bought for you by a guest, it can be re-added to the list for someone else to contribute to.

Once your event has passed and your list is closed, you will receive a summary of all purchases as well as a store card, credited with the monetary value of all of the gifts and contributions from all of your guests. This can be spent on any items in any department in store. As many of Harrods' wares go on sale in January and July, often waiting to purchase something that was on your original list can mean that you can get it for half price a few months later, leaving you with more money to spend in the Shoe Boudoir! (My husband does not need to know about that last bit).

If you are worried about making your guests spend heaps if you register at Harrods, fear not! The Cookshop has a huge variety of cookery gadgets from £15 upwards, and we had lots of cookery books on there too which started at £8.99. The store really does have many items in everyone's budget, so there is no need to fret.

The timing of this post could not be better! Not only does Harrods have a sale on at the moment, but they have an extra 10% off everything in store tomorrow for cardholders. Last time I checked we still had enough on our card for the shiny Kitchenaid Artisan Mixer.... On sale and an EXTRA 10% off?! Who could resist?

Happy shopping, Brides!

The Cupcaker x

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