Thursday, 21 July 2011

Ask The Cupcaker!

Hello Cupcake Fans,

Every day we get a bunch of e-mails from wonderful baking enthusiasts who have questions for The Cupcaker, ranging from advice needed about buttercream colour to advice on starting a cupcake business.

I have decided to do a "Question and answer" session on Twitter, enabling people to ask me any questions that they may have. These questions can be tweeted at any time, please remember to use the "hashtag" #askthecupcaker. Once a bunch of questions have come in, I will let everyone know when the answers will be tweeted! I will re-tweet the questions before each answer, making it easy for everyone to follow.

I really hope that I can answer all of your questions, and in the event that I can't I will definitely choose one of my fellow Twitter Cakey Experts to help!

Happy Baking and Tweeting,

The Cupcaker x

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