Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Are cupcakes the new wedding cake?

In the last couple of years, an increasing number of couples are choosing to have a tower of cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake. What are the reasons for this curious little cake form becoming so popular? I will explore below.

·          Having cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding cake is a different thing to do, and in an age when all brides and grooms are seeking to break from tradition, it certainly is the way to go if you want your guests’ tongues to be wagging about your cake.

·         Cupcake towers often work out much cheaper than going for a traditional wedding cake.

·         Many brides are doing as much as possible for their weddings themselves! In this age of austerity, the number of DIY brides out there is phenomenal! Cupcake towers are much easier for a bride and bridesmaids to make together.

·         As a cupcake tower incorporates lots of little cakes, the bride and groom can have a variety of flavours and different decorations on their cakes, rather than having to limit themselves with a traditional wedding cake.

·        Serving a cupcake to each of the guests is much easier than and not as messy as cutting a layer cake and having to serve this up. With a cupcake tower or a cupcake bar, the guests can help themselves to their treat, so     no serving is required.

·          By having cupcakes, each of the guests actually receives a perfectly formed product, rather than a cut piece of cake, which is what they would get if a traditional cake had been served.

·          If some small boxes or bags are kept on the table, guests may also take their cupcakes home, meaning that they will double up as a wedding    favour too! This will undoubtedly save the couple money.

·          With cupcakes, the decorative possibilities are endless. At Crumbs! we offer brides and grooms to personalise their cupcakes for them, either    with their initials, with their wedding date, or even with each guest’s name on, so that they can be displayed at each place-setting.

·         Having said all this, there is often still the option of having a topcake on the top tier of your stand, so that the bride and groom can still feel as though they still have the ceremonial element of cake-cutting.

In my opinion, you can be a lot more creative with cupcakes, at the same time being on a lower budget! If you would like to attend a class to learn how to make cupcakes, please get in touch by emailing

The Cupcaker x 

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